[Reasonably] Honest Extended Edition

My first studio album "[Reasonably] Honest" was rereleased in June 2009 with 5 additional tracks; remixed songs which originally appeared on "No History Sessions EP".

If you are the owner of any version of "[Reasonably] Honest" and would like to download both the extended bonus tracks and the original tracks FOR FREE, please click the button below and then enter the 12 digit UPDC barcode from the back of your cd case. If you no longer have the CD case or you downloaded the original album from Itunes, etc, please email me and I'll give you the code. Thanks!

If you do not already own a copy of "[Reasonably] Honest", then these mp3s are not yet available to you for free download. However I am giving a few full length tracks away for free, click here. You can also easily purchase the mp3s online, via CDBaby and Itunes. Thanks for your support!

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